All the power of consolable system

Dril bit

Abrasive Flap Discs

Diamond Blades


Abrasive Disks

Hook & Loop Discs



Daimond Disks

Fastenercut 106 HD

TV 1835

TV 2040

TV 2245

Fast Change Magnetic Holder

32 Pieces bit set

25 Pieces bit set

Anti-Vibration hand

Metal Drill Bits

Wood Drill Bits

Step Drill Bits

Drill Bits for Ceramic

Drill Bits for glass

Diamond core Drill Bits

Vice stand - CE 60

Vice stand - CE 100

Drill Stand - SP 50

Drill Stand - SP 43

Drill Bits

Drill Bit Sets

FE-CH SDS-Plus Chisels

40CR Carbide tip

40CR 2S Carbide tip

Drill Bits 3S

SDS Max TO SDS+ Adapter

Keyed chuck with adabter

Chisels for use with SDS+

Chisels for use with SDS MAX

TCT core drill bits for SDS+

Chrome Vanadium CR-V

Screw Driver bits S2

Belt Holster

Sanding Discs - punched

Sanding Discs - abranet

Jost Finishing PAD

Polishing Bonnet & PAD

Polishing Foam PAD

Foam Backing PAD

Sponge Disc

Jig Saw Blades

Jig Saw Blades sets

FE-C Power Plus