All the power of Anchoring System

FSLM anchor

FDF anchor

FSA through bolt

HEB sleeve anchor

FCL-N sleeve anchor

FKV Drop in anchor

FES shield anchor

FDK Drop in anchor

Epoxy concrete


Resin kit


BOP Debris

Hole Cleaning

Resin Injection

SFS Stair Fastening

FPL-A Heavy Duty Nylon Sleeve

FGL Sleeve for Scaffold Bolt

PG Plug

FOX-A All Purpose Frame Anchors

316 Grade All Purpose Frame Anchors

4-FOX Frame Anchor

All Purpose Frame Anchors

Long Expansion frame anchor

Hammer Screws - Turbo Drive

Hammer Screws - galvanized screw 1-FH

FDD Door / Window frame anchor

Door / window frame screw

FMN Metal Nail-in Anchor

WH wire hanger

SRT spring toogle bolt wings

all purpose screw multi fix 1-MF

MFZ Drywall anchors

SDA Steel drywall anchor

THW anchor installation tool

Perforated steel straps

FE-CX kit of SDS-PlUS hammer bits

CTM caple tie mounts

CTH caple tie pin holders

cable Ties 1 CT

Hexagon flange head

Countersunk head

Drop in anchor setting tool ST1

BIT-S Resin foor road application

Applicator Resins - 300 BIT70

mix cartridge nozzle

MSH Perforated sleeve

Wire mesh sleeve

FSR internally threaded steel sleeve

Applicator Resins - 500/GCH

Applicator Resins - 380 injection

Applicator Resins - 300 Injection

FAR Chemical stud anchor - Hexagon socket

FAR-E Chemical stud anchor

FPL-A heavy duty nylon sleeve

FPL-MX Nylon Sleeve

TOP All purpose nylon sleeve

TOP-MX all purpose nylon sleeve

mm5 zinc plated min 5.8 3000mm